Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

Faulty garage door openers can completely halt the garage operations, lock you in or lock you out of your garage. The faults might look minor at the beginning and we advise our clients to get the problems fixed immediately they occur. Garage door openers may fail gradually and if the faults are not fixed soonest, it might cost the owner more.

Apart from providing garage door opener installation services, our company can be contacted for garage door opener repair services when your garage door experiences the following:

Unusual noise when operating the door

When a garage door is installed properly, the opener should operate with minimal noise. An unusual noise is a sign that the opener might be having a problem. We have qualified technicians who will be able to diagnose the fault and repair the opener. When this noise is ignored, the door may fail completely and can cost the garage owner more to have it fixed.

The door closes or opens partially

A garage door operator will notice when the garage door fails to go all the way down or up. There can be a problem with the limit stop switches which determines where the door should stop at when opened or shut. Our technicians are able to set the switches to operate as designed.

The door fails to operate

The garage door might fail to move even when you are sure there the wall switch is powered or the remote is in a working condition. Our technicians will be able to check the circuit board or the motor for the cause of this failure. We have a professional team that can replace the circuit board or repair/replace the motor as required.

The remote fails to work

Your garage door might be in working condition but the remote fails you. We advise our clients to check whether they have a problem with the remote or the wall switch. Our company has the capacity to repair or replace the transmitter and at an affordable fee.


Garage door opener is an essential part of your garage door. The door should have controlled operation as misuse is one of the causes of its failure.