What Are The Different Types Of Garage Doors

What Are The Different Types Of Garage Doors

Garage doors are manufactured in a variety of styles designed to best fit their intended use. They also can be made of several different materials, each specific to a variety of specifications. Here are a few options for different types of garage doors.


Types Of Doors

Swing out doors – attached on the sides with hinges opening outwards much like an interior french door.

Swing up doors – they would be hinged at the top opening upwards.

Roll up doors – probably the most common type of door. Tracks on either side of the door allow it to roll upwards when opened and rest under the ceiling of the garage.

Sliding doors – these doors are attached to a track at the top which allows them to slide open.


Wood – the most aesthetically pleasing as well as the most costly.

Fiberglass and vinyl – the most widely used materials for most homes.

Vinyl – very popular for homes and can be as costly as wood.

Steel and fiberglass – very durable and mostly used for industrial purposes.